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Experience Eisenach, Obersuhl, Rennsteig, Tobiashammer Museum in Ohrdruf and the Oberhof Winter Sport Centre with its famous ski jump and the National Winter Sport Performance Centre

Oberhof is the destination for winter sports. It is the venue for world-famous ski jumping competitions, and also offers biathlon, luge, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined. The city lives off tourism. Oberhof is the most visited place in Thuringia after Erfurt and Weimar, and the most visited holiday resort in the Thuringian Forest. There is also a nationally recognized health resort.

The “Rennsteig” has been a popular hiking trail since time immemorial. More than 170 km long, it follows the historical border trail through the Thuringian Forest, Thuringian Slate Mountains and the Franconian Forest. In addition, this trail is the oldest and most commemorated long-distance trail in Germany. It begins in Eisenach town quarter of Hörschel by the river Werra and ends in Blankenstein at the Selbitz bridge.

The Rennsteig is also a piece of wonderfully scenic road. For more than 5 km, this wonderfully built highway curves up to the Oberhofen winter sports area. As a result, this is much more than a charming mountain range for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, and it is a popular destination for many club, vintage car and bike rides.

Eisenach has been a centre for automobile production for more than 100 years, and OPEL and BOSCH both continue to operate factories here today.

Eisenach is also famous for the Wartburg Castle overlooking the city. The Wartburg Castle is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other famous events that took place here include the translation of the New Testament from Greek into German by Martin Luther, and the birth of composer Johann Sebastian Bach in 1685.


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